On this week’s SBI Insider Video Podcast, we tackle the topic of strategic alignment. What exactly is it, and why is it a critical part of your overall business strategy? Watch as my colleague, Dan Perry, principal at SBI, and I break down the importance of strategic alignment.


We’ll start the show by explaining the difference between strategy and tactics. We’ll give you an easy tool to use to understand whether or not your organization is set up for success. Essentially, this 2×2 grid will help you plot your organization to find out if you’ve got a brilliant plan that your team can execute flawlessly.


Next, we’ll continue our discussion by examining the recent over-rotation to tactics. We’ll explain why this a mistake organizations make too often that results in missed revenue growth objectives. We’ll dive into specific examples such as sales compensation. Sales comp is a very important tactic, but it’s also just that – only a tactic. Watch as we explain why instead you need a strong strategy, and strategic alignment, to make your number.


We’ll use our annual workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017, to guide our conversation. You can download your copy here. It explains how the world’s top growth executives make their numbers every month, quarter, and year, in a predictable, hassle-free way. It is your ticket to a great 2017.



Eric Estrella

Helps clients grow by creating innovative go-to-market strategies.

Eric specializes in helping clients solve some of the most prevalent go-to-market problems in today’s complex selling world. He is an expert in many industries including software, telecommunications, ecommerce, manufacturing and technology. He helps them align strategies and develop go-to-market programs to lower the cost of customer acquisition and increase customer lifetime value.


Recently he developed corporate, product, marketing and sales strategies for an emerging telecommunications solution provider that resulted in a quadrupling of revenue and EBITA in two-year span.


Eric’s background in strategy, sales operations and enablement allows him to provide thought-leadership in emerging best practices in sales and marketing.

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