What makes great companies triumph over time? Why are some able to sustain long term performance, while others struggle? Jim Collins tries to answer these questions in his classic book, “Good to Great”. Listen here as my colleague, Andrew Urteaga, and I review this timeless book. We’ll determine if it’s still relevant to your strategic planning process, and explain the key pieces to Collins’ theories.


During the episode we will discuss topics such as:


  • Critical elements, such as the sequencing of strategic alignment, that are missing from the book.
  • How the book tackles the difference between tactics and strategy when it comes to your overall business strategy.
  • Critical steps to revenue growth that are left out of Collins’ book.


There are a lot of books out there aimed at helping your company improve revenue growth. Listen here as we review Jim’s, and pinpoint what you need to know from this classic read. We’ll highlight key insights presented in the book, and also fill in some of the gaps needed to take your company from good to great.