You have a strategy in place, but is it getting executed? In order to hit your revenue growth goal you must make sure you are connecting your strategy with execution. We recently spoke with Kermit Randa, the CEO of PeopleAdmin. Watch to understand how he cascades his corporate strategy throughout the entire organization.


Kermit will begin the show by explaining the concept of hierarchy of objectives. He’ll explain how he ties it back to their core values, and sets up very key tactical outcomes right down to the individual contributor. He’ll also discuss the challenges of taking executive level KPIs and making them relevant to all. And he’ll explain how he selects the most import goals for the organization. Essentially, how does he determine what is going to move the company forward, and move the needle with their customers?


In the second segment, Kermit will dive into the topic of communication. What is the cadence necessary to execute his corporate strategy? He’ll explain his concept of a corporate game plan and how he has rolled this out at PeopleAdmin. Next, he’ll discuss how he maintains an agile strategic planning process to adapt to the changing marketplace. And how he incorporates all types of critical feedback, and ensures that all functions inside the organization are in strategic alignment.


We will wrap up the show with key insights for other CEOs. Watch as Kermit discusses three actions CEOs can take immediately to connect their corporate strategy to execution. He’ll walk our audience through his strategic planning process, and explain how he executes his strategy to make his number.