“Good to Great” is a book aimed at explaining the differences between good vs. great companies. Watch here as my colleague, Andrew Urteaga, and I review the book. We will determine if it’s still a worthy read in today’s ever-changing world.


In his book, Jim Collins sampled 1,435 ‘good’ companies. He examined their performance over 40 years and found only 11 companies became great. Jim then digs into it even further. For example, what happens when companies are not born with “great DNA?” Can good, mediocre or even bad companies achieve greatness? The book was ground breaking and opened the eyes of many executives when it first published. But it’s now several years later – is Jim’s study still relevant? We will answer exactly that in this episode.


If you’re looking to take your company to the next level, watch our show here. We’ll walk you through what you need to know from this classic book. We’ll also reveal some key insights that are missing from Jim’s work. We’ll examine the missing links, such as strategic alignment. Ultimately, we will help you understand how to take your company from good to great.