Below are 5 ways you can test your Sales Managers and your Sales Management program:



1. Does it involve how to coach and develop people?  This is the most critical element of sales management and sales leadership.  The ability to coach and develop sales people is the only way your organization can scale to sustain growth.  Focusing on coaching and developing sales professionals allows your influence to present at customers; even when you are not there….


2. Do you have cadence around regular activities? Consistency breeds success in sales management.  Weekly, scheduled one on one meetings, sales meetings, field ride along, recruiting, interviewing and account development strategy sessions are non negotiable for sustained productivity.  You must make sure your sales management has these scheduled in their weekly calendar.  They can not be spontaneous, ad-hoc events


3. Does your Sales Management adhere to a sales process?  Maintaining consistency is the key to success. Football games are won by consistent play adhering to the game plan. There are not typically won on “Hail-Mary” passes or fluke scoring.  Your Sales Management must adhere to a sales process. This process will enable consistent sales by providing a methodology in which to approach all sales.  The methodology is owned by the sales management.  Make sure they are adhering to the detail of this process.


4. Does your Sales Management get the needed development?Just as your sales reps need coaching and developing, your sales managers need it as well. Take time to provide feedback on how they are coaching and developing their sales reps.  Make sure they are keeping to a regular schedule of critical activities. Test the pipeline by challenging where and why a prospect is in the sales process.  Don’t be complacent with your sales management.  This is where your strategy meets tactics in the field


5. Do your Sales Managers provide sales skills training every week?  Learning how to sell is only mastered through repeatable behavior.  The best way to do provide this training is through role playing and field work. Get your sales management to stop discussing product and show your sales people how to use the product in a sales cycle by demonstrating sales skills. 


Not where it needs to be?  That’s not surprising. Over 85% of all sales organizations need a better Sales Management Program.  They need it because growing revenue is critical to any business. Your Sales Management allows your sales people to be successful.  It is the difference between good and great sales forces.