Speakers: Tony Capucille | Matt Sharrers, SBI



Selling Power Magazine recently named Heartland Payment Systems the #1 ranked sales force of 2014. On behalf of everyone at SBI, we would like to congratulate our client on receiving this honor.  


Tony_CapucilleWhen this announcement came out, we received requests to discuss what this sales team did that was so remarkable. We asked Tony Capucille, the Chief Sales Officer, to appear on our podcast. He graciously accepted. You can listen to his interview here.  


If you are not familiar with Heartland Payment Systems, they are a Fortune 1000 company with over 1,000 sales reps in the payment processing industry. If you are a sales person, or sales leader, and want to work for the best, get a job at Heartland. It will change your life. They are always looking for exceptional people. 


Here is what you will learn by listening to this podcast: 


1. How Tony, 34 years of age, became the youngest Chief Sales Officer in the Fortune 1000.


2. Why they have not changed the sales comp plan since 1994.


3. What the “Sales Rep Bill of Rights” is.


4. The difference between the goose and the eggs. 


Tony, and his team, are the strangest sales team we have ever worked with. For example, they do not believe in assigning sales reps to territories. This uniqueness is what makes them great. They say ‘No’ to the status quo.   


After listening to this interview, ask yourself a question: 


“Do you have the courage to do things differently?”


If you do, maybe one day your team will be named the best sales team in the world.  


I hope the Heartland Payment Systems story motivates you to build a bold sales strategy.