Sales teams are facing a content crisis. And Sales Enablement is caught in the middle. 


Sales reps are in need of buyer-facing content. Information they can share during an opportunity. But most Sales teams are hurting here. They lack content quality and quantity. They are falling trap to the Sales content pitfalls. 


But how does Sales Enablement fit into this equation? 


Quite simply, actually. It’s Sales Enablement job to:


When Sales Enablement executes this, content crises are avoided. Quality content is created. And in sufficient quantities. 


As the Sales Enablement leader you might be asking yourself, “Isn’t this Marketing’s job?” The answer is “no.” Part of Marketing’s job is to create content. But, Marketing doesn’t have the necessary visibility into content that Sales need. That’s why Sales Enablement must own this process. 


SBI’s Research Report on top performing Sales teams expands upon this process. We identified that the top 10% of organizations follow the process above. They work with Sales and Marketing and ensure reps receive the right content. 


If you think your organization is producing content ineffectively then click here. We’ll conduct a 90 minute strategy session and discuss your company’s content creation process. You’ll leave with a roadmap to correct the problem heading into next year.


The 3 Sales Content Pitfalls

So what happens when the above process isn’t followed? 


The answer is it leads to pitfalls. Specifically, content pitfalls. Content pitfalls result in materials being created that Sales does not need. This is because the content does not address the buyer’s needs and questions. Instead it is generic, company-centric or outdated. 


Most companies suffer from one, or more, of the three pitfalls below. The impact of the pitfall will vary. But no matter which pitfall, action must be taken. Otherwise the Sales team will suffer. 


Let’s dive into each. While reading, ask yourself, “Does my organization suffer from these?” 


Pitfall #1 – The 1980s Sales CollateralThe_3_Sales_Content_Pitfalls

One problem organizations have with their content is that the information is outdated. Not just outdated in context, but also in visual appeal. Equipping reps with collateral that reads and looks archaic is ineffective. Why? Because the information won’t address the buyer’s question. And it won’t capture, or keep, their attention. Recent years have seen a drastic shift in the buyer’s decision making process. Outdated content won’t reflect this shift.


Pitfall #2 – The Product FAQ


Another content issue is the tendency to talk about product features. There is a desire for companies to talk about how good their product is. The issue here is most buyers don’t care about features. They are focused on the product solving their problem. Sales content which reads as a product guide won’t address this. Executive buyers and decision makers will glance over this material. They want content in a language relevant to them. Keep the content simple. Use terms and phrases the buyer’s will understand. 


Pitfall #3 – The Awards & Accolades Content


The “Awards & Accolades” content pitfall is the third trap. This is even more company-centric than the Product FAQ. This content is about the award(s) which the company has accumulated for their product(s). Companies should not shy away from this material; the information is valuable when a prospect is deciding between you and the competition. However, the use of this material in a sales opportunity should be sparse. Buyer’s only want this material at a specific time. Sales cannot rely on content about the company’s awards to progress opportunities. Buyers need more than that.


Next Steps

If any of the above pitfalls sound familiar then the time to act is now. Your content creation process is broken. Sales Enablement must address the issue. 


Don’t fall trap to the Sales Content Pitfalls. Download this report. Read the section on Content Production. Figure out how to solve the problem. And start improving the company’s content now.


Daniel Korten

Helps companies make their number and grow revenue by using a data-driven approach to solving problems.

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