Today’s topic is content strategy and planning.  Joining us is Steve Keifer, the Vice President of Marketing at LeaseAccelerator, a fast-growth SaaS company in the corporate FinTech space.  LeaseAccelerator helps companies track and manage equipment leases through an enterprise SaaS environment. 


Content strategy and planning is about earning brand preference by satisfying the information needs of your target customers and prospects.  Steve is an ideal guest to speak on the topic of content strategy.  His marketing team has been successful attracting buyers and convincing them to solve an old problem in a new way. 


Your B2B content team is competing with professional media publications, including analyst firms such as Forrester and Gartner. Buyers only have so much time to research a solution. The quality of your content must stand out from the large volume of media developed content. Steve describes the best approach to create great content with an internal content marketing team. 


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Where marketers struggle is in the production of quality content.  Watch as Steve describes a content factory approach where his team starts with interviewing subject matter experts.  The SME’s are typically from professional services or product management and depth of knowledge that is valuable to a prospect.  After the SME interview is the content marketing team’s engagement of writing the core content and determining the content types.  The third and final step is with creative agencies who perform the layout and build-out of the content type. 


Steve’s point of view is that you can’t just hire a legacy marketing writer.  Content marketing teams are growing their own talent.  Another solid approach is to hire a writer with a journalism background.  The writer needs to have the skill-set to tell a story and drive action. 


The process of development is described in-depth with the approach of developing a content schedule that serves as an inventory of ideas.  From there Steve describes his production schedule, how he leverages a content audit and uses a buyer’s journey to overlay the content. 


The audience may assume that LeaseAccelerator has a large marketing structure, but the team is a lean core team.  Watch as Steve describes the size of this team and the manpower involved in executing


During the show, he will respond to questions including:


  • Which customer and prospect audiences have you prioritized and why?
  • As a marketing leader, would you rather have more budget, or more data?
  • What information needs do these prioritized customers and prospects have?
  • What content have you developed and how does it help your business?
  • How should you develop your content marketing team to successfully execute your strategy?
  • How can you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy?


Producing and distributing content for everyone means doing it for no one. For content marketing to generate revenue you must know exactly what your customers need, where they need it, how often they need it, and in what form they need to consume it. Miss any of these items and your content marketing efforts will fail to contribute to revenue growth in any meaningful way.


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