Chief Revenue Officer demonstrates how to integrate two selling organizations during a post-acquisition integration. 


Returning to join our CEO, Matt Sharrers, in The Studio is JD Miller, Chief Revenue Officer for Motus. Previously, JD unpacked his successful transformation of the sales organization at Bravo Solutions. In today’s episode, Matt and JD demonstrate how to integrate two selling organizations during a post-acquisition integration. 


Below is a summary of each of the show segments and the area JD covered with Matt. Each of the areas of discussion between JD and Matt is timestamped for your viewing convenience.


 Segment 1: Setting the Right Conditions


  • How to normalize two organizations coming together to create a new organization.  minute 2:22
    • Getting your new team to rally around a single strategy.  minute 3:22
  • Assessing talent at the leadership, mid-management, and individual contributor levels. minute 4:16
  • Determining purpose and accountability from the ground up in your teams. minute 5:45


Skip to minute 3:33 to listen to JD discuss how he approached rallying the new team around a single strategy:


“At the end of a two week process I was able to come back with a vision statement that says, ‘Here’s what I’ve learned, here’s where i think your next opportunities are and here’s the structure I would set up going forward…” 


Segment 2: Generating Returns for Investors 


Listen to minute 9:41 to hear JD talk about how two companies can exist in the same market with little overlap, and how to utilize this when joining two organizations: 


“I recruited the legacy sales force admins from both sides and an up and coming sales leader to dive into what does this data tell us. And what we found is the cultural go-to-market differences. You have a very senior selling team going after very big accounts and a more junior selling team going after smaller accounts…” 


Segment 3: CRO vs. Head of Sales, JD’s Success Story 


Skip to minute 15:34 to watch as JD explains how to recognize where you have points of leverage in the customer lifecycle:


“We wound up putting a bunch of sticky notes up on a bulletin board and mapping our customer’s journey. And that led us into a conversation about the best ways to impact that journey based on your role on the team…” 


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