Chief Digital Officer demonstrates how to make the digital experience a competitive differentiator.

Mark Lister - Ness Technologies - Chief Digital Officer


Our guest today is Mark Lister, the Chief Digital Officer for Ness Digital Engineering. Mark is a transformational leader, helping to bridge corporate, marketing, and sales strategies to the digital engagement of prospects and customers. Ness designs and builds digital platforms and software that help organizations engage customers, differentiate their brands, and drive revenue growth.


Every major company is undergoing a digital transformation of some kind. Mark is here today to help you purge your old world view of digital. Instead, offer extreme personalization and a frictionless experience across your prospect and customer touch-points.


Matt and Mark will leverage SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook and turn to the Customer Experience Design phase found on pages 124 – 131. 


This is a powerful show where Mark demonstrates how to make the digital experience a competitive differentiator. Turn to the 7-minute mark of the video to watch how Mark describes customer touch-points and how to build them into your customer experience design to strengthen your brand and drive revenue growth.  If you would like to download a full transcript of the interview, click here.


Matt and Mark discuss the concept of the customer experience design and touch-point analysis: “I like to think of data as just a record of a conversation with some people. Whether it’s a click stream or social media feed, at your leisure, you get to see not just what one person did, but what millions of people did. You get to find what they were really saying. They were really saying they didn’t like that, it was boring. They’ve all left at this point. They didn’t put it in their basket because it was too expensive. There are hundreds of people talking to you about how to make your business better. So, be a data whisperer. Listen to what it’s telling you and enjoy it. It’s pointing the way forward.”


Mark Lister shares his knowledge of big data, artificial intelligence, and how to monetize digital experiences: “No big data, no AI. There’s three things you need to have AI. You need structured data, you need a business use case, and you need a team of talented people to go about it. You can’t do without those three things… . When we say, “revenue-generating platforms,” we’re getting into that element you were talking about with analytics. Our platform is the current, present engagement with someone. If you extremely personalize if, you can point to them being engaged with you in the future, maintaining that frictionless relationship. From there, the back and forth of buyer and seller in a relationship with no friction is a much more beautiful thing than buying and selling.” 


When it comes to digitization, marketing leaders are engaged, but sales leaders are many times too busy to get engaged or don’t see the connection to revenue growth. Skip to the 23-minute mark of the video to watch Mark give advice on getting a sales leader engaged in a digital initiative.


Relative to digitization, and as you think about how your customers are buying, the move from B2C into B2B always outpaces. Consumers are always outpacing how businesses buy. The way to ensure you don’t get outpaced as a sales leader is by understanding the digital and physical touch-points of how each of your buyers buy. You might be able to make the Q1 or Q2 number without it, but this is a wave that is coming and it’s picking up speed.


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