Are your Sales Managers setting you up to hit your 2018 number?

As March Madness comes to an end, one of the biggest takeaways from the tournament is the impact of high quality coaching. Top tier Basketball programs spend millions of dollars on their coaching. Are your Sales Managers setting you up to hit your 2018 number?


This question is top of mind for Sales Leaders. The answer for many is that they are leaving points off the scoreboard when it comes to coaching their Sales teams. In the 2018 CEB Sales Survey, 80% of Sales Leaders consider skill development and Sales Enablement Critically important to success in 2018. Moreover, when asked how they would address this, 74% cited improving manager coaching as a key priority. SBI’s Revenue Growth Diagnostic Survey supports these findings as well. On a 5 point scale (5 being best), average scores for “How Important” Sales Enablement is to the organization was at 4.13. However, average scores for “How Effective” they are at enabling the sales team was at 2.34.


Top three initiatives where Sales Enablement can impact Sales Coaching:


  1. Coaching Charter: In Basketball, a team has to know what their identity is, and how they are going to play to leverage their advantages on the court. This starts with the Coach and the Front Office. This is no different within your sales org. Sales coaching strategies are often vastly inconsistent across sales teams. Work is required to direct Sales Managers to focus on the core objectives of coaching reps. This is the first step to ensure consistent and effective coaching is happening in your sales org.


  2. Coaching Playbook: When it’s time for the Coach and the Team to hit the hardwood, a set of plays need to be scripted prior to tip-off. A Sales Manager Coaching Charter provides the strategy. The next question Sales Managers may ask is, “How do I execute the Coaching Strategy?” Often the breeding ground of Sales Managers are “A Player” Reps who get promoted to a management role. The problem with this is that an “A Player” Rep and an “A Player” Sales Manager require different competencies. Sales Enablement provides a tactical playbook for coaches to learn from and execute, and guides the game plan to implement the strategy developed in the Sales Manager Coaching Charter.


  3. Coaching Certification Program: Just like in Basketball, in Sales there is a Scoreboard. Monitoring how Sales Managers are adopting the new coaching framework is required. Implementing KPIs and a standardized Certification Program allow Sales Enablement to quantify how well Sales Managers are performing, and where to focus to close gaps.



If you are looking to get off to a quick start in revamping your coaching program, start with standardizing the one-on-one coaching call. Download a 1-on-1 Coaching Guide template to implement in your Sales Org.



While important, the one-on-one coaching call is just one component to a title-winning Coaching program. To go deeper, leverage the How to Make Your Number in 2018 Workbook for a comprehensive resource of emerging best practices. The Workbook includes questions to identify how you stack up against: Standard operating procedures, best practices, and Emerging best practices.




If you would like help building a Sales Manager Coaching Charter, SBI’s team of experts can assist. Bring your leadership team to see a hand-picked team of experts in Dallas at The Studio , SBI’s executive briefing center. 



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Adam Sheehan

Blends his background in consulting and sales to deliver a detailed analytical solution for his clients to help them make their number.

Adam has built onto his Sales and Consulting background by being involved with a wide variety of projects at SBI. Adam has designed and implement best-in-class custom Sales Processes for multiple clients. He has redesigned territories, realigned quotas, and constructed sales compensation plans to provide the best opportunity for Reps to optimize their selling time and for the client to make their number. Adam has deep experience in campaign development as well. Everything from designing and executing  multi-touch campaigns, to developing a Field Marketing strategy for a global B2B organization.

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