Speakers: Kermit Randa | , SBI



As CEO, you must connect your corporate strategy with execution. If the execution of your strategy doesn’t happen, you won’t make your number. We recently discussed how to do this with Kermit Randa, the CEO of PeopleAdmin. PeopleAdmin is a software company that helps education and government agencies streamline the hiring and talent management processes.


During the show, Kermit explains how he cascades his strategy from the CEO chair to the front line. He will discuss topics such as:  


  • The concept of the hierarchy of objectives.
  • How to take executive level KPIs and make them relevant to all employees.
  • The communication cadence necessary to execute the corporate strategy.
  • How to keep the strategic planning process agile in order to adapt to changing market conditions.
  • How to ensure functional leaders are not operating in silos and remain in alignment.
  • How to reallocate resources when initiatives fail.


Kermit will wrap up the conversation by spelling out the 3 actions CEO’s can take immediately. Listen to his insights in order to ensure your corporate strategy is being properly executed. This execution is vital to your revenue growth, and cannot be ignored.