Curt Redden, Global Director of Talent Development for UPS Capital, joins us on SBI TV to discuss talent management and, specifically, the connection between the experience of the employee and the experience of the customer.


Segment 1:  How EX Differs from Past Talent Management Approaches


  • Employee Experience relative to the sales force. minute 3:29
  • Locating EX in traditional talent management. minute 5:08
  • Working with the other functions to successfully adopt EX. minute 6:22


Skip to minute 4:21 to listen to Curt describe emerging challenges facing talent management:


“What I’ve seen, as my role has evolved, is a huge challenge with what I believe is a coming war for top talent. How are we going to become an employer of choice that allows us to get the right people on board and give them the best employee experience? What value will our talent get from us? …” 


Segment 2: The Connection Between EX and CX


Listen to minute 14:21 to hear Curt explain the value of making small changes that affect EX:  


One example is something we implement in our meetings is “keep it or kill it”. An employee suggested this in one of our employee engagement committees and it everyone loved the idea. The suggestion was no one could leave the meeting until we find an outdated process that we could all agree to kill…” 


Segment 3: Implementing EX in the Enterprise


Skip to minute 16:05 to listen to Curt give advice on enhancing talent performance.


“What drives performance is strength-based coaching about near-term objectives. The best coaches get in and work with their talent. They don’t sit down and review their last quarters and give feedback on their performance. You have to have those performance discussions. But I’m consistently seeing that focusing heavily on strength-based coaching is what drives mprovement…” 


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