Ryan Hollenbeck, CMO at Verint, joins us to discuss how to make CX programs top of mind for executive leadership and beyond.

Customer Experience is no longer just a buzz word that companies can throw around. It has become a megatrend that demands a complete mindset shift in not only executive teams, but it also requires buy-in from the board in order to thrive.


On today’s show, Ryan Hollenbeck, CMO of Verint, joins us to discuss what market-leading companies do differently to prioritize CX programs. In Ryan’s first segment, he shares 3 critical steps to building a world-class customer experience program.


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Segment 1: Prioritizing CX Programs


  1. Defining a CX mindset. minute 5:21
  2. Determining who owns Customer Experience. minute 06:31
  3. Charting your CX program. minute 8:00


Skip to minute 8:50 to hear how Ryan structures his CX programs:


“You’ve got to have some kind of executive steering committee, which we established right away. You’ve got to have some sort of cross-functional leadership team in play. Then over time, what we developed was what we call a catalyst network. The catalyst network is a group of people that are on the ground… So by having all three levels, if you will, of governance, it really gives you a structured program to carry forward.”

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