When taking a new product to market, how should you recruit and manage resellers? We recently interviewed Ted Grulikowksi, the Vice President of the B2B business unit at MarketSource. MarketSource is the world’s leading outsourcing company. And the topic of conversation was taking a new product to market by recruiting and managing a team of resellers.


Many companies have hired Ted and his team at MarketSource to solve their reseller channel problems. He is an expert at getting resellers to sell his client’s products and grow revenue. During the show, he will answer questions such as:


  • What are the common problems companies run into when trying to grow their reseller revenues?
  • How can you determine your ideal reseller profile?
  • How can you determine which resellers will generate the most revenue?
  • What are the best ways to recruit and onboard new reseller partners?
  • How can you avoid the typical mistakes made when trying to grow reseller revenue?


Many sales leaders will make or miss their revenue growth objective based on the amount of revenue generated by their reseller channel. This means you need to recruit, onboard, enable and nurture reseller partners. But companies don’t often do this well. Listen to Ted’s insights on how to succeed when generating revenue through reseller channels in order to get it right.