On this week’s SBI Insider Video Podcast we discuss content design, one of the most essential tasks given to marketing.  This is about creating compelling content that moves the prospect to action.  This is easy to say and hard to do.


The marketing team’s content design capability is at the heart of marketing execution. This means producing highly relevant content in enough quantity, pushed through enough channels and created in enough different formats to meet the objectives of both sales and marketing. 


Content development is a component of every marketing project and is often where projects fall short.  Poor content is a root cause of negative sales perceptions of marketing.  Watch Kevin Avery, Christina Dieckmeyer and Mike Drapeau share the secret of content design


Follow along in this discussion by downloading our 10th annual workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017.  Turn to the marketing strategy section and turn to page 190. 


Content design and execution allows the marketing team to execute campaigns and build the ecosystem for buyers to move through the funnel.  Building sales execution content arms the sales team with the right content to use at the right time. 


Watch Mike outline the pitfalls that face most marketing teams, and provides the steps to resolve.  Mike explores how marketing spends time in the field out on the road with sales reps.  The inputs required for success require primary inputs from prospects and customers, as well as secondary inputs from the sales field. 


In a provocative exchange, Kevin passionately addresses the common marketing approach to blame the sales rep for not using marketing content.  Kevin explains how sellers are practical and use what works.  If they receive good content that works, they will use it. Every day sales reps are out litmus testing content and have a good read of what works.  Sales reps are extraordinarily resourceful and will find something that works if marketing doesn’t provide it. 


Mike asks key questions of marketers to evaluate their approach:

  • Are you measuring buyer response to content?
  • Are sales reps participating in creating the content by providing feedback on messaging?  Specifically providing input on how prospects are reacting.
  • Is the content geared to speak to individual buyers?  Or is the content general and speaking to everyone at once?   


In the second segment the importance of micro-content is described.  Watch Mike explain how and why it’s important to supplement long form content with micro-content.  


Content isn’t hard to produce, it’s hard to produce well.  To stay dialed in with a buyer who is constantly evolving, you need an execution playbook that is iterating as quick as the marketplace.  What is the best way to monitor if your content is losing relevance?  Track the trend of response rates and monitor when engagement rates start to tail off. 


The final segment focuses on field marketing.  Kevin and Mike advise field marketers on developing alignment with a clear charter.  Strong marketing leadership is required to build the charter with sales.  Watch Kevin explain how to recognize when your field marketing team has become mired in sales administration.


Executing the marketing strategy requires alignment with sales, the development of the content design capability, and execution at the field marketing level. 


If after listening you need more help, consider downloading our 10th annual workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017. It’s your guide to consistent, predictable revenue growth.


Kevin Avery

Challenges clients to design and implement innovative practices.

Prior to SBI, Kevin held leadership positions in sales, marketing, business and channel development in the high tech industry, concentrating in the Contact Center and Collaboration software.

Kevin was an A-Player salesperson who transitioned successfully into leadership. At Cisco Systems, his Enterprise Area sales team drove double-digit growth, with annual bookings exceeding $120MM. As Strategy leader for Cisco’s Contact Center and Collaboration specialist sales groups, he devised, designed and coached a competitive displacement sales program that netted over $125MM bookings with a 90% win rate and zero no-decisions. Kevin’s experience prior to Cisco at Spanlink – a packaged and custom software company and reseller-integrator – began at near-startup stage. Leading the sales team out of the company’s IPO, he grew revenues by 50%, then closed an OEM agreement with a $70M+ lifetime value. When the 2001 tech bubble burst, resulting in dissolving a $130M acquisition, he was instrumental in refitting and relaunching the company.


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