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Vice President of Sales demonstrates how to drive revenue per sales head up, and time to productivity for new sales hires down.

Andy Panos Podcast VP of Sales


Today we’re going to demonstrate how to drive revenue per sales head up, and time to productivity for new sales hires down.  It’s difficult to grow revenue faster than your industry’s growth rate and faster than your competitors. Leverage the How to Make Your Number in 2018 Workbook to access a revenue growth methodology to hit your number quarter after quarter, and year after year.


Joining us today is Andy Panos, Vice President of Sales for G&K Services, a billion-dollar company with 175,000 customers across the US and Canada. G&K Services provides uniforms and facility service programs for companies that are focused on their image and safety. Andy’s responsibilities include leading the field sales and strategic account sales organizations, the CRM team, and the sales operations team. Andy is uniquely qualified to demonstrate how to drive revenue per sales head up, and time to productivity for new sales hires down.


Why this topic is important? Getting an increase in sales head count is difficult, our friends the expense cops expect all the current sales reps to be at quota before they agree to add any new heads, and when new sales people are hired, there is little patience from the executive team members who want each to generate revenue as quickly as possible. The sales enablement function exists to onboard new sales hires and to drive revenue per sales head up, neglect sales enablement and forego adding head count in the future.


Success for Andy in sales enablement was no accident. Andy and his team implemented a Field Advisory Board to understand the needs of the field.  You’ll find as you listen to this podcast that an advisory board and how to run it may be the secret sauce you have been missing. Andy shares that the Field Advisory Board originated from the idea that we didn’t want to have group-think out of a corporate office. “Even though the sales leadership team in the corporate office came from the field where all of us had carried a bag and worked our way through, that doesn’t mean that we really understand exactly what’s going on day-to-day in the car, on the phone, making those calls. We wanted the people who did that every day to be involved.”


Andy shares another key role of the Field Advisory Board was to go beyond feedback from just the best reps.  Andy realized the reps we needed to help were the newer people, the ones that didn’t get by on their deep understanding of the industry and their great sales skills. The newer reps needed the job to be easier, they needed better tools, so Andy valued their input and wanted to make sure he had a diverse group providing input.  Listen as Andy goes into depth about how he created the FAB, the frequency with which they meet and how to put a program like this in place for your sales organization.


The results have been tremendous for the sales enablement program driven by input from a Field Advisory Board. “We have seen an improvement in our turnover, and we believe that while many things contribute to the dramatic reduction in our turnover, we really think that it’s these tools that we put into place that have helped it mostly.” Focus in on what your priorities are, don’t create tools for the sake of creating tools, don’t adopt technology for the sake of adopting technology, that’s an easy pitfall.


Listen as Andy and I discuss the fundamental need for a new logo acquisition sales force to have a strong sales methodology.  Very often, as everyone listening to this podcast is painfully aware, the buyer sometimes or the customer doesn’t express their need.  A proper sales methodology is designed to pull out expressed and unexpressed needs.  Andy provides solid guidance on why this is important and how to approach.


Sales enablement content is a topic that sales leaders can struggle to get right. This type of content can be a variety of things including content that our sales rep might share with a prospect on a sales call, it could be marketing content that you might use to prospect, or the marketing department might send content directly to the prospect. Andy describes his teams approach that includes marketing creates content, with sales reps creating their own content sometimes as well. What we had to learn and land upon and agree as a leadership team is the marketing team owns content, period, they own the content strategy. However, the marketing team needed to understand and agree that sales has a very large part in providing input, and in the prioritization of what to produce and when.


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