secrets_to_soclal_sellingYou just heard that your largest opportunity signed a multi-year deal with your competitor. That deal should’ve been yours. It was the difference between making your number or missing it. And you missed it.


How did this happen? You were a trusted advisor. You pursued the deal for over a year and just like that, it’s gone.


What could you have possibly missed?


Answer… missed the Trigger Event.


  Understanding Triggers

It’s not about the pain someone has, it’s about the event that suddenly TRIGGERS a change in their priorities.” Craig Elias, ShiftSelling, Inc.


A Trigger is an event that causes a buyer to shift their priorities.

Whatever was keeping them from making a decision is no longer that important. Something happened that changed their mind and forced a decision.


Triggers are arguably the best indicators of purchase intent. They provide you the ammo needed to increase the likelihood and velocity of a closed deal.


74% of Buyers choose the company that was FIRST to add Value. –Corporate Visions

Timing is everything. Identifying Triggers early will have the biggest impact with the least amount of effort.


Will I Know a Trigger When I see it?

Start by downloading the Trigger Event Resource Guide. This guide helps identify the most important and impactful Trigger Events early and often.


An example of a Trigger in your personal life would be your interest in owning a new camera. It’s a vague interest so you browse the web doing light research and reading product reviews. But you weren’t quiet ready to buy…..until the Trigger.


The trigger event is the spouse deciding it’s time to plan a family vacation. Now you have a reason to purchase, when before it was only a vague interest.


Triggers are EVERYWHERE and often found in 1 of 2 forms:


  1. Hard Trigger – somebody asking about the price or feedback around your product, or a competitor’s product.
  2. Soft Trigger – somebody signing up for your company’s blog.


Other Trigger Examples:


  • New job
  • New boss
  • Won a large contract
  • Fiscal Year End
  • Competitor’s sales rep leave
  • Miss the Number
  • Company is acquired
  • Product launch


This TOOL teaches you how to identify the important Triggers early. It provides you the best opportunity with the highest rate of success.


 Trigger_Event_Resource_GuideHow To Use the Tool

The Resource Guide has 2 tabs.


  1. The first is an exhaustive list of potential Trigger events. Score them according to the impact (or weight) each would have on your Persona. Not all events will have the same impact. Use the list to identify the most important Triggers as soon as they happen. Timing is everything.
  1. The second is a guide to creating Advanced Searches in LinkedIn. These allow you to search virtually all parts of a member’s profile. You can customize searches by keyword, industry, geography, size, title, experience, etc


Save the search to receive regular alerts with the most recent updates and changes.


Each Saved Search alert you receive is a list of potential Trigger Events. Here are two examples of how to use a LinkedIn Advance Search:


Advocate Marketing Search

This search identifies Personas you’ve previously done business with, but have since changed roles. These are advocates of you or your company because of past success. Research has shown that it’s 6X cheaper to sell to someone you’ve sold to before.


This list of advocates is perfect for new reps looking for quick wins.


Appointed Leaders Search

This search identifies newly appointed Decision-Makers or Champions. These are the Personas you want to begin developing relationships with. This list is great for reps with named accounts or a hot prospect.


Getting Started

Download the Trigger Event Resource Guide. Then schedule a 60-90 minute with your boss or team to evaluate the Triggers. Set up Advanced Searches and customize them to your needs and goals. Use the information to start identifying Triggers early and often.


Timing is everything.