slideshare top sales presentationsTo answer your question, I looked at the analytics from our Slide Share account. We have 66 presentations posted, on a wide array of sales subjects.  I was hoping to gain some insights from the view counts. I figured presentation views would signal topics of interest. And topics of interest could be used as a proxy to answer your question: “What are my peers doing?”


So here it goes:The Top 10 Most Viewed SBI Presentations of All Time


Most Viewed Sales Marketing SlideShares 2


Here is the most viewed presentation:


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The Top 10 Most View SBI Presentations of All Time have been viewed 123,486 times.  What does this tell you about what your peers are doing?


  • You want to understand how buyers buy
  • You are investigating different sales organizational structures
  • You want to learn how to generate more leads
  • You want to avoid the big mistakes made by others


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