Revenue enablement technology has evolved to meet challenges presented by sophisticated buyers. Advancements in 5 key technologies allow you to sell more, free capacity, develop talent, and optimize content.

Your buyers are behaving differently.


Now more than ever, they have access to increasing amounts of intelligence and will scrutinize every aspect of your solution against your competitors. Recently, HBR identified 40 unique points of value that your buyers consider before purchasing your solution. All considered, these growing complexities of sales processes mean that the functional obligations of Sales and Marketing organizations are becoming increasingly intertwined. Thusly, your sales process will demand a sophisticated, yet pragmatic sales stack that complements your existing people, processes, and technology.


With elegant design and execution, a connected revenue enablement ecosystem is a rising tide for all ships.


Revenue Enablement


  • Accelerated new hire ramp time to full productivity
  • Increased revenue per sales head
  • Skills development for senior reps
  • Tailored content at each phase of the sales cycle


Sales Leadership


  • Cross-functional content management and distribution
  • Platforms optimized to deliver the right content, at the right time
  • Increased selling time; automation of routine and administrative tasks




  • Measurable revenue attribution
  • Tighter feedback loop with sales
  • Alleviation of resource constraints


Advancements in revenue enablement technology have presented many exciting capabilities and opportunities for your stack. However – the sales technology landscape is vast, and navigating it can be overwhelming and time consuming. Download our Sales Technology Assessment Tool  to cut through the noise, and guide your decision making when investing in your stack


There are five technologies gaining significant traction in the marketplace: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Customer Success and Engagement, and Reporting and Analytics.


Machine Learning


Like a fine wine, these algorithms get better with time. Machine learning uses historical data to make predictions given a set of variables. The benefits of these capabilities are far-reaching; here are a few of many:



Artificial Intelligence


An intelligent system recommends and/or executes actions. What it does is appropriate for its circumstances and goal; its flexible to changing environments and goals. AI is a pragmatic solution for higher productivity, and to overcome common enablement challenges.



Natural Language Processing


This offshoot of artificial intelligence helps systems understand, interpret, and manipulate human language. NLP capabilities enhance both rep and customer experience.



Customer Success and Engagement


Platforms like Gainsight act as the “source of truth” for your customers. Customer Success is a team sport; it requires interlock (executive leadership, sales, marketing, product, pricing) to transform to a customer-centric revenue growth model. New technology can help your reps achieve a 360˚ view of your customers to drive retention and cross/upsell.



Reporting and Analytics


The ability to keep a pulse on your organization is critical. A thoughtful reporting and analytics platform can provide real-time insight on your success metrics to inform your resource planning, forecasting, and sales collateral decisions.



In Summary


For your organization to meet the demands of complex buying processes, your enablement stack should be sophisticated, yet pragmatic. The opportunities presented by these five technologies will give your reps a serious edge by allowing them to sell more, in a shorter period, with the right enablement content. You will benefit with a higher productivity rate, accelerated ramp-time, and content delivered at the right time and place.


The Revenue Enablement technology landscape is immense, and still a growing space. Click here to download our Sales Technology Assessment Tool  to get clarity, and select the best tool for your organization.



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