Could the content you produce be more engaging or more effective? The truth is that simply creating content is not enough. What you need is high-quality content that competitors cannot match. The first step  is to evaluate content quality which may be easier said than done.


We’ve learned that –


  • 47% of businesses say they are struggling to produce quality content
  • 33% don’t have a way to measure the effectiveness of their content.
  • 25% say that they lack the expertise needed to produce quality content they need.


Marketing professionals have to evolve quickly.  We believe that the process starts with putting the right analytics in place.


How Is Your Content Performing?

Use our Content Grader to improve the quality and performance of your content. This will help you master techniques such as:


  • How to generate titles that select for the right audience and draws them into the screen.
  • How to adjust the hierarchy of your sales messages to preference insights.
  • How to match content to the changing needs of your buyer personas.


After publishing, SBI’s multi-dimensional tool will reveal how effective the content has been in terms of CTA Conversion rates, social shares and total impressions across the web.


Quality in Content Strategy

Don’t forget that there is a larger concept within the idea of quality, however.


Even the highest quality content doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You set up content for failure, when it conflicts with corporate strategy or is pushed down the wrong channel.


It’s mission critical to understand how each piece of the puzzle fits within the content strategy. To get the right messages in the right places, you must be able to answer questions like:


  • What are the content goals for the marketing and sales teams?
  • When, where, how do our buyers consume content?
  • What content production schedule is needed to meet our content goals?
  • How do we promote the content we create?
  • How do we test and constantly improve content?


We can help get your marketing team on board using the SBI’s Content Marketing Execution Kit.  The kit will get the parts of your strategy moving in the right direction.


The Takeaway

Producing high-quality content is within your reach. Evaluate your content engagement rates make sure each piece strengthens your larger strategy.


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