gI 63051 BookCovertnThe Truth About Leads targets an audience of all those looking to produce and utilize the best leads that generate the best customers.  Dan’s book can be read quickly, contains great content and therefore has a high return on investment. The key takeaways for this book range from straightforward to counterintuitive.  Without giving away all the great insights I think a few worth noting include:


  • How to properly define leads within the lead generation funnel
  • A chapter that insists the sales team needs fewer leads, not more!  After all, his data points out that 70% of leads aren’t followed up on.
  • The importance of sales management putting sales reps in positions to succeed.  Allowing sales hunters to hunt, farmers to farm and beaters to beat the bushes.


tour-square-buttonHere at Sales Benchmark Index we teach many of the same principles that Dan lays out in this book.   His advice is tailored for the current trends in sales process and sales training.  His ideas on solution selling are in line with our current best practices. We have enjoyed his work so much that we are currently putting together a webinar with Dan that should be produced in the coming weeks that looks into how sales representatives look at leads.  Check back and we guarantee to offer solutions to some of the great lead generation problems!


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