Gregg Blatt, SBI Managing Director, joins us to discuss how market leaders in the UCaaS industry adapt to shifts in demand and keep their teams on track for 2021.

With the global shift to working from home, UC&C companies have witnessed a record amount of demand for their tools and services to carry on productivity away from the office. However, how are market leaders positioning themselves to be set up for success in 2021?


On today’s show, Gregg Blatt, SBI Managing Director, joins us to share what UC&C market leaders are doing differently to outpace competitors.


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How UC&C Leaders Prepare For 2021


  1. Demand drivers for the UCaaS industry. minute 1:56
  2. Adapting your digital evolution for 2021. minute 3:38
  3. Rethinking your virtual selling strategy. minute 6:36
  4. Why Accelerators are standing up a Revenue Growth Office. minute 10:21
  5. How to be dynamic with talent allocation. minute 12:13


Skip to minute 8:56 to hear Gregg emphasize the importance of agility:


“What we’re seeing from the accelerators or the market leaders is, A, they’re retooling their enablement to address this virtual mode. That’s drastic and it’s happening with speed… Second is they’re looking at their product suite and figuring out how to accelerate the integration of the components… When you look at an observer, they may continue down the path of developing a product that may take maybe out five, six, eight quarters. When you look at the market leader, they’re wiping that out and going and buying something. And we just recently saw a situation where there was a company that was building a collaboration product. They stopped building it and went and bought one and integrated it into their suite and they did that in 60 days.”



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