SBI interviewed Kim Salem-Jackson, the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Field Marketing at Informatica. Informatica is the number one provider of data integration software, with over 5,000 customers. Kim has over 15 years’ experience in the discipline of field marketing.


Watch as Kim shares her experience and insights on the subject of field marketing. We will discuss how to drive revenue growth by connecting corporate marketing with the field.


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During the interview, we will discuss the impact of field marketing:

  • Segment 1: The role field marketing can and should play.
  • Segment 2: How field marketing and field sales can and should work together.
  • Segment 3: Three action steps you can take immediately to be successful with field marketing.


Informatica field marketing objectives are focused on driving pipeline and accelerating revenue growth for sales. “Working at a data company, obviously I think of my team as data-driven marketers,” Kim explains. “We really focus on return on investment; I think of my team as portfolio managers.” For every dollar spent, Kim believes it’s her job to deliver a return in the pipeline for sales. This requires her to look at several factors and build a successful road map for her team.


Enterprise organizations need Field Marketing to develop deeper relationships with customers and prospects. Watch Greg interview Kim to hear her three action steps to take immediately to execute a highly effective field marketing strategy.