Top Priorities for CMO   CSO AlignmentFor example, when sales and marketing are aligned, lead conversion (closed deals) rates are 2-3X greater.


The Experts Agree

According to the Aberdeen Group, “Highly aligned organizations achieved an average of 32% annual revenue growth – while less well-aligned companies reported an average 7% decline in revenue.”


Sirius Decision research reports similar findings. “B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster three- year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth.” 


Alignment: The Foundation for Success

What do I mean by alignment? Download the Top 5 Priorities for CMO & CSO’s Alignment here. Take a few minutes to read it. Determine if you have an alignment issue that’s impacting marketing’s revenue contribution.   


A simple web search on “sales & marketing alignment” yields over 12.1 million results.  Sales Benchmark Index’s data were obtained from hundreds of 1-1 interviews with Fortune 500 CMO’s and CSO’s. What’s fascinating is the line between good and great alignment is so thin.


With 12.1 million answers and the need for better alignment never more critical, what’s the solution? I would argue a shared sense of urgency. The CSO has a greater sense of urgency than the CMO. B2B Sales has a greater sense of urgency than B2B Marketing.


Consequences of Lack of Alignment

If the CSO misses the number, he/she and many of the sales team lose their jobs. Contrast that with the CMO and team where missed revenue numbers is a sales problem. Jobs are typically not in jeopardy.


This is not to say that marketing doesn’t work hard or meet deadlines. It’s the urgency around making the number that’s the primary reason for conflict between the two teams. The difference between hard and soft KPI’s. 


Next Steps Towards Alignment

Download the Top 5 priorities from CMOs & CSOs and start gaining greater alignment with sales. The result of greater alignment is making the number in 2014 and beyond. Companies that have solved this problem are enjoying far more positive outcomes.


If you have any questions or concerns contact me at We’ll spend 30 minutes to walk through the Top 5 priorities of the CMO & CSO for 2014 and whether you’re on track. 



John Staples

Leads teams of highly qualified experts, all relentless in their pursuit of helping you make your number.

John is the global leader of SBI’s account management business unit. As such, he and his team help clients across 19 verticals drive top line growth and operational efficiency in sales and marketing.


John’s marketing, sales and product expertise span a multichannel strategic approach. He has an unyielding focus on strategic and key account development, which enables strategic alignment between all functional team members in order to reduce acquisition cost and increase lifetime value.


His broad experience in sales, marketing, product and engineering allows him to bring a unique problem solving approach to his team and clients. As he has discovered through decades of experience, clients are often distracted by the symptoms of a larger problem and overlook the root cause of it.


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