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Article: Why More Sales Leaders Are Harnessing the Power of Revenue Intelligence


As we return to relative normalcy, buying behaviors will change, and the firms leading the market will be those that can adapt the fastest. If your organization is relying on 2020 call scripts and sales plays, reps may be missing out on opportunities to directly address how they can impact customers’ needs in a modern buying environment. By establishing a revenue intelligence structure before the tide swells, you will be setting your team up for success while simultaneously building a more sustainable inside sales function that can adapt faster than the marketplace.



Podcast: Building, Retaining, and Developing a Modern Salesforce


To say your salesforce is changing is an understatement. Not only have there been shifts in adapting to a new virtual world, but your teams also need the time and attention dedicated to reaching their full potential now more than ever before. As a sales leader, how can you create a culture for your teams to thrive? Roquita Williams, Head of Sales Effectiveness and DEI Partnerships at Habits at Work, joins us to share insights into what it means to be a sales leader in today’s world and how to create an inclusive and empathetic culture.



Article: 3 Ways to Unite Sales and Product Teams to Drive Revenue Growth


A great product can sell itself, and a great salesperson can sell any product. As a sales leader, would you rather have a great product or a great seller? In a perfect world, you get both, but often you are forced to make tradeoffs between the two functions. Creating an environment with open communication and an effective feedback loop allows sales and products to be a force multiplier for each other.



Article: Accelerating Growth Through a High-Performance Sales Culture


SBI recently analyzed 15+ best-in-class sales organizations—defined as those who consistently grow organically faster than their industry and competition—to understand what separates market leaders from their peers. Across industries, one common theme separated the best from the rest. In this post, we explore how sales leaders can create a high-performance sales culture to accelerate growth.



Article: Are You Listening Now? How Sales Leaders Optimize Customer Listening Paths


Your customers feel like they’re talking to a brick wall. Your employees are fed up with constantly being pulled into customer interactions at random and without reason. If you were playing “The Newlywed Game,” you and the customer would be far from a match made in heaven. Learn how you can optimize these interactions and improve your customer’s experience simply by assigning them to the proper resource.



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Matt Sharrers

Leads the firm's focus on the CEO’s role in accelerating revenue growth by embracing emerging best practices to grow revenue faster than the industry and competitors. 

Matt Sharrers is the CEO of SBI, a management consulting firm specialized in sales and marketing that is dedicated to helping you Make Your Number. Forbes recognizes SBI as one of The Best Management Consulting Firms in 2017.


Over the course of nearly a decade at SBI, Matt Sharrers was an instrumental early partner guiding SBI as the Senior Partner. Matt’s functional responsibilities included acting as the head of sales where he led SBI’s double-digit revenue growth, and was responsible for the hiring function to build SBI’s team of revenue generation experts.


Prior to joining SBI in 2009, Matt spent eleven years leading sales and marketing teams as a Vice President of Sales. Matt has “lived in the field.” As a result, he is the foremost expert in the art of separating fact from fiction as it relates to revenue growth best practices. CEOs and Private equity investors turn to Matt’s team at SBI when they need to unlock trapped growth inside of their companies.



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