Sales Strategy Improvements

In the meantime, if you need help revitalizing your sales strategy for 2012 (and keeping it strong in 2013) I advise you to peruse some of the articles below. Click the links for some best practices and tricks of the trade:


1) Are you having a hard time consistently bringing in qualified leads? Pin Down Your Ideal Customer Profile. Knowing your target market, and having a clear picture of your ICP is crucial to having a successful rest of 2012 (and 2013, 14, 15, etc.). If you don’t know who your marketing campaigns and sales pitches are directed at, you will have an extremely difficult time hitting the nail on the head.


sales strategy improvements


2) Are you concerned about your own performance as a Sales Leader? Give Yourself a Test. In the same way that you, as a Sales Leader, evaluate the talent on your team, you need to evaluate yourself. The test you can find by clicking the link was originally developed as an End of Year Assessment, but can give you a great idea of where you stand, as well as provide useful tips for improvement.


3) Is your Sales Team underperforming? Follow the 5-Step Process to Improve Them. You are only as good as your Sales Team. And your Sales Team will only be as good as your Sales Leaders make them. If your Sales Leaders need coaching, it is your job to give it to them. Don’t wait until you’re already sunk before you start repairing the ship.


4) Are you unsure about why you win or lose specific sales decisions? Perform a Win/Loss Assessment. A Win/Loss Assessment will help you to understand where you really need improvement, as it will illustrate why certain opportunities were either won or lost. At that point the key becomes to duplicate those winning scenarios and decrease the losing ones. You’d be surprised the amount of information and improvement that can be gleaned from the proper Win/Loss Assessment.


5) Does your Sales Team suffer from a lack of consistency or organization? Examine your Sales Cadence. It’s hard to maintain a high level of success if your Sales Team isn’t all on the same page. They need to know what is expected of them, and when it is expected. By maintaining a consistent schedule, you create a Sales Cadence that keeps your whole team organized and pulling in the same direction. This yields better results come the end of the month, quarter, year, etc.


These are all great ways to revamp your sales strategy, and make your number!