Speakers: Brad Kerst | , SBI

Sales Enablement


Today’s topic is transitioning from sales training to sales enablement.  Sale enablement is about driving revenue per sales head up and speeding up the time to productivity for new sales hires.


Joining us today is Brad Kerst, Senior Director of Global Sales Enablement for Intuitive Surgical, a medical device company.  Intuitive Surgical is the leader in surgical robotics, manufacturing and selling the da Vinci® Surgical System.


Brad and Greg discuss the difference between sales training and sales enablement. Sales training is the focus on three core areas of product knowledge, industry knowledge, and developing sales skills.  By comparison, sales enablement is a focus on the process and analytics to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales force.  Listen to Brad explain how both are interlocked, with training providing background and context, and sales enablement serving up insights with a focus on execution. 


Brad goes into detail explaining how sales training and sales enablement are symbiotic.  Sales training develops the skills and sales enablement defines the behaviors and skills as well as generates the insights necessary to drive and maximize results.  In the final segment of the program listen to Brad describe his training certification process and blended learning approach.


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SBI is incredibly grateful to Brad’s company. Here recently SBI co-founder and partner Mike Drapeau underwent surgery performed by the da Vinci robotic system.  Mike was home in three days and is in full recovery. The difference Intuitive’s product is making to the lives of our loved ones and that of our audience is nothing short of phenomenal. Thank you.