Lead Generation as it is defined today has evolved to a completely new level.  The innovation of LeadGen into a truly comprehensive approach that is enabled by processes, technology and the alignment with the buying process.


2012 marks a critical year for B2B sales and marketing.  Companies who implemented Lead Generation best practices in 2011 have a competitive advantage. Investment in 2011 will pay dividends in 2012.   Companies who have not started, or have implemented half-measures must dive in.  It’s not too late — rather it’s perfect timing.  Continuing to wing it in the area of lead generation will be punished by the market in years to come.  Now is the time to invest in acquiring the capabilities.  Invest in your own personal capability acquisition by understanding the fundamentals of lead generation. 


This article includes the top 10 blog posts for 2011 that gives every marketing and sales professional a solid reading list to jump start your Lead Generation knowledge.  The top blog posts were selected to cover the diverse areas of demand generation to drive leads, content marketing, process, and lead management. 


Top 10 LeadGen Blog Articles


The following are the top 10 lead generation blog posts for 2011.  The first blog article is my own top article of 2011.  The remaining articles were selected based on the following criteria:
• Alignment with proven best practices
• Thought leadership
• Practical application


  1. Get Started with Lead Generation: Increase funnel, Drive Results 
  2. The Winning Formula for Sustainable Lead Generation by Corey Eridon, Hubspot
  3. Why Webinars? Lisa Horner On 4 Ways To Spice Up Your Strategy by Jesse Noyes, Eloqua
  4. The Six Attitudes Leaders Take Towards Social Media by Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald, Harvard Business Review
  5. How to Generate More Customers With Fewer, Heartier Leads by Alison Savery, Hubspot
  6. Benchmark Your Interactive Marketing Maturity (Includes Interactive Benchmark Tool) by Shar VanBoskirk, Forrester
  7. 5 Ways To Prove Marketing’s Impact On Revenue by Brian Kardon, Eloqua
  8. The Power of the Human Voice in Lead Qualification & Lead Nurturing by Dan McDade of Point Clear
  9. Secret Methods for Turning Marketing Leads into Qualified Sales Leads by Jon Miller, Marketo
  10. Lead Generation: How to get funding to improve your lead gen by Dave Green, Marketing Sherpa


Benchmark your lead generation efforts and your comprehensive sales productivity.  Ready to be World Class?


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For comprehensive resources to go deep with Lead Generation, read through the library of Sales Benchmark Index posts on the topic.


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