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Not surprisingly, the quality of your team’s execution of your sales strategy is a great indicator of whether or not you will make your number. Believe it or not, this execution is largely based on the level of talent your team has.


I recently spent some time with a friend of mine who is a sales leader in the technology industry. He told me about a member of his team who was consistently under-performing. This employee consistently missed his number, and showed minimal signs of improvement.


But when I asked my friend what his plan was for the future of this underperforming team member, he told me that he didn’t really have one. My friend claimed that he didn’t have enough time to spend traveling, training, or replacing him. The mentality basically amounted to: Well, he’s doing something, which is better than getting nothing at all.


In case there were any questions, this is a bad strategy. Not only is my friend not training or upgrading his talent in a way that will yield success, but this is also a clear indication that his time is not being properly managed, or wisely used.


How Time Tracking Can Improve Team Productivity


Download our Time Management Time Tracker Tool Here.


Time management is crucial to developing and maintaining a team of top-tier talent that will consistently make its number. There are various areas where your time will obviously need to be spent in order to keep the business churning, and maintain organization, such as:


  1. Corporate meetings
  2. Field time with RSDs
  3. Field time with front-line personnel
  4. Customer Interactions
  5. Sales Strategy


But another extremely important task that is often left to pick up the scraps of leftover time is that of talent management.


Remember this: In order to avoid being held hostage by poor talent (like my friend), make sure that an adequate amount of time is set aside for either developing or replacing that talent.


Time is just like any other business metric. It should be measured, and then analyzed in order for it to be improved upon. There are always ways that you can make your business more efficient and effective, and likewise there are undoubtedly ways you can do the same for yourself.


Maybe you’re spending your time as you should – focused, alert, and centered on building your business. But maybe you aren’t. Maybe a little bit of measurement and analytics will portray that you are in fact spending a large percentage of your time on tasks that can be delegated or removed entirely, thus making you more efficient.


If you know where your time is being spent, you may be able to pinpoint areas of your organization that are struggling due to the way you are allocating your time.


So – do you have time to take care of your under-performing talent? If not, where is your time going? Use the Time Tracker Tool Here, and keep an eye on how you spend your time over the next few weeks. You may be surprised what you find.


Let me know how your spending your time.  If you would like to talk about how to customize the tool, or the results after (2) weeks of tracking and how to “time hack”.. give me call.


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