Chief Marketing Officer demonstrates how she transformed a marketing org to generate a successful exit outcome.

Andrea Brody - Chief Marketing Officer for BravoSolution


Joining us for today’s show is Andrea Brody, the Chief Marketing Officer for BravoSolution. Andrea is one of the top B2B revenue generating marketing leaders with a passion for building brands. Andrea has a great story to share with you about how she transformed the marketing team to help her company achieve a successful exit strategy. 


Matt and Andrea leverage the How to Make Your Number in 2018 Workbook to share emerging best practices. Access SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook and flip to the Marketing Strategy section found on pages 236 – 337.


Today we are going to demonstrate how a chief marketing officer transformed a marketing org to generate a successful exit outcome. Andrea is uniquely qualified to speak on this topic with proven experience in product management and B2B revenue generation marketing. 


In the first segment of the program we discuss the scenario and exit outcome the leadership team was striving to achieve.  Andrea explains how she as the marketing leader at BravoSolution assessed the marketing function and put her team in a position to support the desired outcome.


What’s interesting in the dialogue is to hear how the marketing strategy changed as the company transitioned from year 1, to year 2, and then onto year 3. 


In the second segment of the show, Andrea explains the importance of budget planning for each year.  The budget needs to match the strategy as it evolves year to year.  In addition, we discuss how the key metrics evolved as we the years progressed, and the maturity of the marketing team grew.


We wrap up the show with Andrea sharing how she transformed the marketing organization to generate a successful exit outcome. We will use the outline of Situation> Opportunity> and Results as a framework to share your story with the audience.


As you assess your team, we have a resource to give you a head start.  Here is an interactive tool to test and rate your Marketing Strategy against SBI’s emerging best practices.



Matt Sharrers

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