Chief Growth Officer and Chief Marketing Officer discuss how to transition to a data-driven business and how to navigate the sales and marketing data mess.

Today’s interview is a special one, we have two guests on SBI TV – a marketing leader and sales leader – you’ll learn they’ve teamed up to tackle data siloes and make data-driven decisions.


We are joined by Jill Rowley, former Chief Growth Officer, and Sarah Kennedy Ellis, Chief Marketing Officer, for Marketoa software company that provides marketing automation software focused on account-based marketing.


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Segment 1: Biggest Data Challenges for Marketers

  • The 3 biggest data problems for marketers. minute 2:28
  • Developing new muscle – data driven sales. minute 4:09
  • Working with the rest of the C Suite. minute 5:48 


Skip to minute 5:10 to hear about a critical challenge that falls on sales leaders to solve: 


” It frightens me the reluctance still that exists at a rep, director, VP level to put data into the CRM system. If you can’t get the data into the system, then you can’t analyze the data…” 


Segment 2: Turning Data into Insights & Actions 

  • Getting the data needed to align marketing and sales. minute 8:55
  • Three steps for detangling the data spaghetti. minute 10:57
  • Leveraging martech to extract insights. minute 15:44


Skip to minute 12:34 to watch Sarah explain why talent must be at the helm of technology:


“I think you have to have the right people. In my world of marketing ops, I need the people who can go in, run to the fire,  problem solve, and identify where there are issues or challenges and how to resolve those…” 


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