Bottom line: You can work 80 hour weeks, but if you are spending 50% of your time in the wrong areas, you aren’t going to see the positive results that you are seeking. Not only is this extremely frustrating, but it is an egregious waste of time and money. Today, I will show you how to manage your time with the Time Tracker Benchmark Tool.Sales Force Time Management


If you downloaded the Time Tracker Tool last time, you now have 2 weeks of data to look back on and consult. How has it been going? Have you discovered any interesting or concerning trends in your daily work schedule? (And if you didn’t download it, now is probably the time…)


This should at least begin to give you an idea of where you spend your time day-to-day, and week-to-week. So this begs the question…


Is your time being spent in the areas that need it most?


Time to Train Your Sales Team

Going back to the story of my friend in the technology industry – did your Time Tracker indicate that you are allocating the proper amount of time to talent management, training, development, or replacement?


Get this. Research indicates that just 7% of sales leaders are at all effective in terms of coaching the members of their sales team. That means that in a room of 50 sales leaders, just 3 will be able to naturally coach their teams to success. I hate to break it to you, but the chances of you being one of those 3 are pretty slim.


This is the perfect time to apply your new Time Tracker. If you don’t believe that you fall within that miniscule 7% of sales leaders who are effective coachers, then you probably need to spend more time training yourself on how to become a top-tier sales coach. Once you feel comfortable with your coaching / talent development skills, you can then redirect that time to training your sales team so that you are never again held hostage by underperforming employees.


This is obviously just one example of how proper time tracking can improve your sales strategy and sales force effectiveness. But think of how many more could be out there.


Where Should You Be Spending Your Time?

Just to give you a benchmark, I thought I would give you some targets for where you should aim with your time allocation. Obviously everyone’s work schedules and responsibilities tend to vary, so these numbers can be tweaked on your end to fit your daily schedule. However, it will at least give you somewhere to aim your efforts.


Our experience in sales force effectiveness has provided us with lots of insight on how time should be spent by sales leaders. Simply download the Time Tracker Benchmark Tool to see how much time you should allocate to:


  • Field Time with RSDs
  • Field Time with Front-Line Personnell
  • Coaching / Talent Management
  • Sales Review / Cadence Meetings
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Customer Interactions
  • Sales Strategy
  • Motivation


Millions of dollars are wasted by sales leaders every year – not on products or services, but on time that has either been squandered or unwisely used. And to make matters worse, this waste of time undoubtedly contributes to the consistent 18-month average tenure of sales leaders nationwide. Don’t fall into that trap. Know where your time is going, and how it can help your organization succeed. 


The Time Tracker Benchmark Tool can help.


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