Chief Marketing Officer illustrates how to apply revenue attribution to marketing. 

Joining us on SBI TV is Sarah Kennedy Ellis, the Chief Marketing Officer for Marketo, the leading marketing automation software provider.  


Below is a timestamped summary of the show segments and the topics covered. If you’d prefer to listen to the podcast version click here.


Segment 1: The Value of Revenue Attribution to the Leaders of Your Organization 

  • Definition of revenue attribution. minute 2:37
  • The value of revenue attribution. minute 3:30 
  • The common CEO mindset about revenue attribution. minute 5:25 


Skip to minute 4:11 to listen to Sarah explain the value of revenue attribution to the sales leader: 


“It’s just as important for them [the sales leader] as it is for every leader in the C-Suite. But when I think about the way that I collaborate with our Head of Sales, Eric Johnson, we’re often having conversations about how to get the right mix of investment and expectation of our teams in terms of outbound versus inbound sales…” 


Segment 2: The Revenue Attribution Process

  • Bringing revenue attribution into your organization. minute 7:17
  • Different options for revenue attribution models. minute 8:44 
  • Closing the loop with sales ops in its current state. minute 10:17 


Skip to minute 7:34 to watch Sarah discuss the talent function of revenue attribution:

“When I look at my team, I’m looking for analytically literate people. And what I mean by that is, they can report on the data but they can also tell a story and use it to create meaningful action plans that aren’t just a one-hit wonder. And so the talent piece is actually fundamental and foundational to everything you do with revenue attribution…” 


Segment 3: Ensuring the Success of Your Marketing Efforts

  • The right stage progression for implementing revenue attribution. minute 12:13 
  • Working with sales to successfully drive revenue growth. minute 15:54
  • Biggest victory and the biggest punch in the gut you’ve had. minute 17:43


Skip to minute 13:56 to watch Sarah define who Bizible is and why Marketo acquired them:


“Every single time we interact with a buyer throughout every stage of the funnel, every stage of their journey, Bizible gives us those insights. Whether it’s a channel that’s hosted through our integration with Marketo or not, Bizible brings us those insights and that data. I think that’s where we’ve got a lot of opportunities in the industry to start giving CMOs the ability to tell a better, more compelling story. And that’s what Bizible brings to Marketo…” 


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