Many sales and marketing leaders struggle with big data. Specifically, how can you get the right data and leverage it to gain strategic alignment with your peers to achieve your revenue growth objectives? Listen here as my colleague Scott Gruher and I discuss big data, and how to use it to your advantage.


During our discussion, we will touch on topics such as:


  • What is big data exactly? What is it good for, and why do so many companies struggle with it?
  • What are the common mistakes sales makes in regards to big data?
  • What are the impacts of strategic alignment across the organization?
  • How can you develop a data plan that sets you apart from your competitors?


Some of the top organizations are enjoying the benefits of understanding big data. If you want to join them, listen to this episode. We will explain how to use big data effectively to achieve results.


Ryan Tognazzini

Works closely with B2B companies to solve strategic business problems so that they will make their number.
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Ryan joined SBI in 2010 as a Senior Consultant. Since then, he has worked extensively with emerging growth technology companies, including SaaS, enterprise software, systems integrators and OEMs. Additionally, Ryan works alongside numerous private equity investors, performing both sales and marketing due diligence and organic growth initiatives inside their portfolio companies.


Among a long list of accomplishments, he developed and implemented a sales and marketing strategy that resulted in the turnaround of a $1B IT integration clients. He executed organic growth initiatives to help a $100M software company achieve 40%+ year-over-year growth in preparation for an IPO. And he worked with a $1B enterprise software client to transform their sales and marketing go-to-market strategy for their cloud and SaaS offerings. Not surprisingly, in 2014 he was voted SBI Employee of the Year by his peers.


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