This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast, we discuss how to conduct a successful product launch with Andrew Wright, vice president of design at Cypress Semiconductor. Cypress has 3,500 employees, and does approximately $1.5 billion in annual sales. Andrew is responsible for bringing a new business from concept to profitability and owns the global P & L for all design activity.  


During the interview, Andrew will answer questions such as:


  • How should you determine your new product launch goals?
  • How do you ready the entire organization for the launch?
  • Where does sales enablement live, and who should own it?
  • How should you measure the success, or failure, of the launch?


Listen here as Andy explains both launch planning, and execution. Many organizations have aggressive growth targets, and a portion of this is tied to the release of new products. If the launch of new products is not successful, you will miss your number. Instead, listen to Andy’s advice to plan and execute a successful new product launch.