Too often sales leaders misallocate their sales territories. Their territory management and decision making is based on criteria that have little to do with the proven effectiveness of reps. I recently interviewed Charles Race, EVP of Field Operations at Informatica, regarding territory management. Informatica is a leading enterprise software company with approximately $1.1 billion in sales.


Charles heads sales, field marketing and professional services globally. During his tenure, he has implemented an excellent territory planning process. Essentially, his process allows him to excel at determining headcount relative to quota capacity. Charles puts the best reps in territories with the most potential. This allows him to maximize his team’s revenue generation.


In the episode, we will discuss Charles’ methodology for territory management. We will cover everything from assessing territory potential to encouraging sales reps to hit their sales quota each sales cycle. We will also share more unique sales management tactics. These include opportunity-based quota setting, and ghost territories. Finally, we’ll wrap up the episode with some tactics that other sales leaders can implement immediately.


Territory planning is difficult, especially in large organizations like Informatica. Charles’ experience provides invaluable insights to other leaders of large sales forces. Watch our capacity planning discussion to make sure you get it right. Ultimately, a well thought out methodology is key to your success. And Charles’ interview is a great place to start. His innovative process is ahead of the rest of the enterprise software industry.