So, why should you care where your data list comes from?!


  • Quite simply, the right list can separate your business from the rest of your competition, and will give you visibility to new prospects that others cannot see.
  • In some cases, this powerful information might even give you an edge within an existing client.  Perhaps a long-time business partner is opening a new retail outlet in Vermont, and telling you that, has simply slipped their mind!  You could use a business hierarchy data browsing construct, often called a family true in many products, to validate new store openings within your business partner’s firm.  After confirming the existence of this new store, you might casually mention that your distribution organization is able to meet all crucial supply needs for this newly created retail outlet.
  • Timeliness of data – Getting data is all about getting the right information to the right person at the right time.  A good list provider will help you accomplish this goal.
  • Solid information is incredibly useful in allowing you to identify channel partners.
  • A strong data provider will lessen your company’s reliance on tribal knowledge.  In other words, your firm can begin to build an organizational memory as opposed to Joe Smith “knowing” everyone in the Northern Oregon and Washington Territory.  It is dangerous to place all of your eggs in this basket.  What if Joe leaves?
  • Knowledge protection against sales staff turnover – as your sales people leave and retire, you do not want their incredibly valuable knowledge of the market to go with them.


The table below provides a summary snapshot of seven different sales analysis list providers. Using sales analysis will greatly assist you in selecting the right prospect list source.   


sales analysis data sources


Data is based upon a survey conducted February 9th, 2011 and some capabilities might have changed.


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