What are the top 10% of sales teams doing differently that is contributing to their outstanding performance?


This is a quote from our “How to Make Your Number in 2015” report.


Each year, SBI releases a research report. The report is a summary of emerging trends in the B2B space. It’s forward-thinking research to help you prepare to make the number next year. You can get a copy and sign up for our 90 minute workshop here.


My CEO Doesn’t Get It

Ever feel like you’re operating with one hand tied behind your back?


You’re leading your sales team to the best of your ability. But, it sometimes feels like rolling a rock up a hill. When you need to invest, your CEO won’t get on board. He doesn’t fund your initiatives. He’d rather invest more in products. Or, he’s after an extra point of EBITDA to keep the board happy. He doesn’t get it and you suffer as a result.


Most CEOs have product or finance backgrounds. They mistrust sales people. You can be viewed as an overpaid cost center vs. a revenue generator.   


A Picture of You

The data collection in this year’s report included over 700 executive interviews. Among them were dozens of sales leaders like you. The below image reveals the top frustrations we heard from sales leaders:


These aren’t excuses. This is the reality of today’s world. You may be passing expectations down to your team you know they can’t hit. You are not alone.


What’s Going On?


You may feel like making the number next year will be a stretch. You’ve been in situations like this in the past, but it takes its toll. Lots of time on the road, sleepless nights and stress-filled days.


Once you’ve read the report, you’ll see what’s causing this for your peers:


  • Trying to solve sales problems with tactics vs. strategy.
  • Sales strategy is not aligned with the corporate strategy.
  • You thought you had a sales strategy, but you don’t.


Perhaps one of these is causing your stress as well. The report will help you get clarity on this.


How to Get Your CEO on Board

If you’re stressed about the 2015 number, get out in front of it now. Sign up for our workshop and get an objective view on your 2015 plan. Invite your CEO. Spend 90 minutes with your CEO answering the questions in the workshop. It will help when your CEO sees how your sales strategy connects to his corporate strategy.


Your peers have found this helps bridge a long-standing gap. We’ve conducted over 100 of these workshops this year. When the CEO is in the room, the discussion shifts. CEOs are engaging with their sales leaders in more effective ways.


This is not a pitch to get your CEO in the room. Many of your peers in this case are well aligned with their CEOs.


If you’re struggling with a CEO who “doesn’t get it,” this might help. To find out more about the workshop, go here. We’re happy to spend a few minutes on the phone with you as well. Good luck in 2015.


Ryan Tognazzini

Works closely with B2B companies to solve strategic business problems so that they will make their number.
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Ryan joined SBI in 2010 as a Senior Consultant. Since then, he has worked extensively with emerging growth technology companies, including SaaS, enterprise software, systems integrators and OEMs. Additionally, Ryan works alongside numerous private equity investors, performing both sales and marketing due diligence and organic growth initiatives inside their portfolio companies.


Among a long list of accomplishments, he developed and implemented a sales and marketing strategy that resulted in the turnaround of a $1B IT integration clients. He executed organic growth initiatives to help a $100M software company achieve 40%+ year-over-year growth in preparation for an IPO. And he worked with a $1B enterprise software client to transform their sales and marketing go-to-market strategy for their cloud and SaaS offerings. Not surprisingly, in 2014 he was voted SBI Employee of the Year by his peers.


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