What Smart CMOs are Doing Now to Win In 2016


That 2016 number – you know it’s going to be a challenge.


So rather than endure a year’s sleepless nights, get the jump on the goal. Integrate talent strategy and marketing strategy to develop and deliver sales-ready leads.


This alignment is important. Marketing strategy is the operating plan. It must produce enough leads for sales to be successful. Talent strategy supplies the professionals who execute the plan. It demands people who can nurture those leads.


Sales-ready leads don’t start out that way.


Double-teaming to Develop Leads.

Let’s look at this in total rather than try to separate out functional areas. After all, it’s alignment we’re after. Marketing and talent must work together to make sales-ready leads pay off.


Sales-ready leads don’t start out that way. They start with the marketing team engaging with customers and prospects. The goal is to generate early-stage inquiries. Then, through its lead-management process, the team qualifies and nurtures them into sales-ready leads.


Manage Leads to Success.

Lead management is a process all its own. And it’s an important one. Pass along unqualified leads and sales loses trust. Follow-up effort may decline. Opportunities may slip away.


A talented marketing team defines leads and develops a pathway for nurturing them. There is a process, a playbook you can give your lead development reps.


Marketing builds its campaign to build demand both in new and existing accounts. 


Here are a few questions the marketing team must answer:


  • How do we set our campaign goals?
  • How do we use an offer matrix?
  • How do we qualify, score and grade leads?
  • How do we leverage marketing automation to generate more demand?


Talent Strategy Puts Top Marketing Teams in Place.

This is where talent strategy shines. A top-tier marketing team identifies the right audience. It selects and develops the right programs and activities. Its offers are solid. It sources 30 percent to 50 percent of the sales pipeline. Lead management keeps the funnel full.


It comes together in the execution stage. Field-level execution will be crucial. This is where your marketing team works closely with the prospect. Determining when a lead is sales-ready is an essential ability for your team. Only at that point do you bring in sales.


Your Next Best Step Some important points to consider as you move ahead are:

  • Ways to improve your lead-nurturing process
  • How to make your management process more repeatable and scalable
  • How you hire and train lead development reps
  • What KPIs you have to track


There is more, of course. Executing your marketing strategy to develop sales ready leads is a key business process. It will be vital in hitting your 2016 number.


We can help you as you work toward reaching your goal for the coming year. Register for an SBI workshop. It’s about 90 minutes of well-invested time and we will bring it right to your office.