Aligning your sales and marketing strategies is difficult. This is especially true in large organizations. We recently spoke with Clint Poole, the vice president of marketing for Lionbridge. Watch here as Clint explains how he tackles this issue at his enterprise organization. Clint is responsible for driving demand for the company’s new solution offerings via a multi-channel demand gen program. And he has over 20 years’ experience, all in B2B marketing.


We’ll begin the show by discussing branding, campaigns, budget and data planning. He will share how he drives the organization’s brand promise into every interaction. He’ll detail how he plans and budgets for his campaigns. Clint will also touch on how he uses data to drive his decisions, and why clean data is key to his success.


Throughout the show, Clint will explain his relationship with sales. At Lionbridge, they work closely to ensure they are getting a return on every marketing dollar spent. Additionally, Clint explains how he engages with customers and prospects in a way that sets the sales team up for success. Finally, he walks us through how his marketing department is organized in order to execute their strategy.


As a marketing leader, you must work collaboratively with your sales counterpart. Watch here to see how one of your peers has successfully done this at a large organization. He will provide insights that our audience can implement immediately to improve alignment between the two functions.