Chris Gosline, an Engagement Manager at SBI, joins us on today's show to discuss a hot-button issue for sales leaders — making decisions on quota relief and compensation plans during the COVID-19 crisis.

As we near the end of the first quarter of 2020, sales leaders anticipated a much different outcome for their Q1 goals. In the face of a global crisis, how can you not just keep the lights on but also take care of your team?


Joining us on today’s show is Chris Gosline, an Engagement Manager at SBI, to discuss how and when you should be providing quota relief. Chris outlines options that every sales leader should weigh as you lead your team through unpredictable market conditions.


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Providing Quota Relief and Adapting Compensation Plans During a Global Crisis


  1. How to begin tackling challenges around quota. minute 1:38
  2. Protecting your salesforce in a crisis by resetting the fact base. minute 3:36
  3. How radical should compensation and quota changes be? minute 6:40


Skip to minute 9:37 to hear Chris’s advice to sales leaders during these times of uncertainty:


“This is a time to step up as a leader and really preserve the culture of the organization. Proactively address this. Everyone’s thinking about this in the individual contributor level, so it’ll go a long way to come and address their concerns and get ahead of this.”


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