marketings new sales leader


The former leader never fully supported or appreciated Kathy’s marketing team efforts. The sales force neglected to utilize marketing developed sales support materials. Kathy believed the former leader would still be here had he leveraged Marketing’s support.


Kathy was ahead of her time. She was developing Buyer Process Maps and Social Selling tools for the sales field. Below is a brief overview (learn more about them at this event):


Buyer Process Maps


  • BPM’s are a sales tool that map the decision-making process used to purchase something.
  • Provides sales teams a blueprint to get into deals early enough to win them.
  • Increases win rates through Buyer and Seller alignment.


Marketing’s Role in the BPM:


  • Facilitate the creation of BPM. Manage the selection of a consulting firm who specializes in developing Buyer Process Maps.
  • Evaluate the prototype in the field through interviews and field observation.
  • Contribute company and/or 3rd party executed buyer research to validate BPM findings.


Social Selling Guidance

A modern prospecting methodology that fills the lead generation funnel with opportunities.


  • Generates meetings with decision makers inside of your target prospects
  • Frees sales from day-to-day dependence on marketing for leads


Marketing’s Role in Social Selling:


  • Training and quick reference guidance on social selling best practices.
  • Company content and support to create LinkedIn profiles.
  • Introduction and referral templates for InMail, Email and Connection messages.
  • Nurture content for LinkedIn status updates.


Today, Kathy has a fresh beginning with a new sales leader. The CEO still views Kathy favorably. Her work ethic is unmatched. Her team is full of ‘A’ players. Despite feeling that her job is safe, she’s nervous about the new Sales Leader. What if he is just like the previous sales leader? What if he doesn’t like me? What if he disregards marketing with patronizing comments about creating glossy brochures?  What if he points the finger at marketing if he misses the number?


Kathy knows the new Sales Leader is motivated to make an impact. He’s sure to be asking: “What do I need to turn this around in year one? How do I get there?”  Kathy thinks to herself: “Now is the time to align Sales & Marketing.”  “How do I build a bridge?”  It now dawned on her. It was a perfect time to attend an event she had been thinking about. A good friend of hers from the BMA (Business Marketing Association) had recommended it to her.  It’s the annual Make The Number Research Tour.


This year it is titled: How to Make Your Number in 2014: A Sales Strategy You Can Execute.  It’s an onsite executive forum reviewing the sales strategies of top producing sales teams. It’s like being told what the ingredients are in the Big Mac’s secret sauce. The session features content for the Head of Sales, Sales Operations and benefits the CMO.  If you want to improve field execution, (like Kathy) you will want to attend. Learn more about the event and sign-up here.


By attending this event you will receive access to tools, guides and templates. This includes the Sales & Marketing New Leader Toolkit with the following:


  1. Sales & Marketing Lead Gen Alignment Guide
  2. Buyer Process Map Template
  3. Promoted to VP Sales eBook: The Year 1 Toolkit
  4. Sales Ops Guide to delivering value to VP of Sales.



It’s now time to win the new Sales Leader over. Help him achieve his goals and you’ll secure alignment long term. Your new sales leader may not understand marketing knowledge. Investing time into teaching social selling and buyer behavior will be to your advantage. Sign-up for the research tour now to secure an early bird no-cost session.