Top sales executives are among the highest-paid in the organization, with compensation tied to the topline growth they drive.

They’re called the rainmakers.


At the same time, you often hear that salespeople are overpaid. Or too coin-operated. How does their pay compare to functional peers throughout the organization? Read on to discover who’s making the money inside your company. As a guide for the conversation, evaluate your compensation approach at a deeper level by leveraging the, “How to Make Your Number in 2018” Workbook.


High Risk, High Rewards


Sales compensation drives revenue growth. It is fueled by two principles: risk-sharing and performance. A comparison of compensation at risk for senior individual contributors shows the relationship between risk and return for sales and non-sales employees. The higher the risk, the higher the reward. Sales professionals take advantage of this relationship.


Who Is Making Money
Executive Compensation


As you move up the hierarchy of the organization, you’ll find more risk—and higher pay—for performance compensation across non-sales roles at the executive level. A comparison of compensation at risk for top executives shows the relationship between risk and return for sales and non-sales employees. This reflects the intense focus shareholders place on executive compensation, and the desire to align it with shareholders’ interests.


Ultimately, superstar executive sales talent is among the highest- paid in the organization. Large B2B enterprises understand the importance of organic sales growth in creating shareholder value. This means top sales performers are capable of earning over $1 million a year in total cash compensation.


Who Is Making Money 


Earnings Opportunity


Beating your number is the only way to take advantage of this type of earnings opportunity. Your earnings are on the line, and all that matters are the results that you produce. The company’s value depends on your performance. When you meet or exceed your number, you create the most value for your shareholders. And you will earn the highest cash compensation as a result.


Growth Accelerator 


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