A well-established Sales Enablement team is key to improved sales skills. It’s also key to better execution and closing more sales. But figuring out where Sales Enablement fits into an org chart can be challenging. Does it belong in sales or marketing?


In any situation, consider these three questions to make the right decision for your company.


1. Where does the sales enablement budget live?

A sales training and enablement team will be more effective where it’s well-funded. Sales enablement requires investment to create deliverables, training and infrastructure. Consider assigning it to the same manager that’s funding it.


Ultimately, ensure that Sales Enablement isn’t given tasks but starved of budget. It makes sense to place Sales Enablement with the manager with the budget.


2. Where can Sales Enablement best serve the entire organization?

Sometimes there are multiple sales directors serving multiple audiences. In these cases, Sales Enablement often gets assigned to the director with the most responsibility. This can have adverse effects, including:


  • Creating unnecessary silos
  • Causing the Sales Enablement team to align only with their parent team
  • Creating issues with budget and deliverables (e.g. What gets allocated where?)


Place Sales Enablement where it is best able to deliver to the entire organization. This might mean assigning them to a smaller team with more budget flexibility.


 3. Is Sales Enablement aligned with sales force maturity?

Assigning a mature enablement lead to an immature sales team will cause conflict. Your Sales Enablement team can best deliver to groups that are of similar maturity.


Take a look at the following Sales Force Maturity model.




Sales Enablement can’t successfully support groups that are disparate in maturity. Each group in this maturity model will have unique needs. Sales Enablement will need to support each group in unique ways.


There is a solution for this, though. Create a Center of Excellence team to bridge the maturity gaps.


A Center of Excellence can help standardize enablement deliverables. It can help match the right sales enablement lead to the right sales force. It can also bring a lower-maturity sales force to a higher maturity, quicker.


A Center of Excellence works particularly well when supported by a sales/marketing combination lead.


Close More Sales with a Well-Placed Sales Enablement Team.

A supported, well-funded Sales Enablement team can deliver better training to your sales force. Their critical services improve your organization’s sales skills and results in closing sales. Place the Sales Enablement team in the right spot on your org chart. This will ensure better results and better alignment with the sales force.


Fred Penteado

Guides private equity portfolio companies in a variety of industries on how to make their number.

Prior to joining SBI, Fred held a variety of leadership positions with multinational Fortune 50 companies. He has worked in product/program/channel management, sales operations, and served as a Chief of Staff.

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