Speakers: Scott Gruher, , SBI

What CEO would not move heaven and earth to achieve a 30% reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)? On today’s show, we discuss strategic alignment and the impact this has to your bottom line.


The impact of misaligned strategies is real. Our research has found that strategic alignment can translate to sales and marketing reducing CAC by as much as 30%. My colleague Ryan Tognazzini and I discuss how to gauge your current state and take steps to resolve.


Listen as we discuss level one companies and the impact this has on acquiring customers and your bottom line. If you’re in level one, you should start by developing strategies by functions. Get your corporate strategy from your CEO and determine if your functional strategies are aligned to the goals of the company.


It’s difficult to grow revenue faster than your industry’s growth rate and faster than your competitors. Leverage the How to Make Your Number in 2018 Workbook to access a revenue growth methodology to hit your number quarter after quarter, and year after year.


In the second segment of the show we quantify the impact of strategic alignment. This is done through Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Listen as we break down the process for calculating both and the expected impact of alignment.


In the final segment, we discuss level four and five aligned companies and the impact on CTV. Customers who spend more over their lifetime become more profitable for the company. You don’t have to sign as many new customers, don’t have to exert as much energy to retain customers. Ultimately, this drives up things like stock price and executives are happy with larger bonuses.


Have expectations gone up and left you wondering if you can make your number? Here is an interactive tool that will help you understand if you have a chance at success. Take the Revenue Growth Diagnostic test and rate yourself against SBI’s sales and marketing strategy to find out if:

  • Your revenue goal is realistic
  • You will earn your bonus
  • You will keep your job




Scott Gruher

Orchestrates and designs the perfect project strategy, one engagement at a time, to ensure that every SBI client makes their number.

Scott joined SBI in 2010 with years of hands-on experience in sales leadership and enterprise selling. Since his arrival, he has helped dozens of organizations dramatically accelerate growth, from Fortune 10 organizations like Phillips 66 to fast-growing cloud service organizations like InfusionSoft. Scott specializes in cross-functional alignment. He helps leaders align around the growth goal and design the right processes to bring the strategy to life. His unique combination of real world experience and a pragmatic approach to problem solving have made him one of SBI’s most demanded resources.

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