Are your functional strategies aligned?  And more importantly, why should you care? Having fully aligned strategies increases your chances of making your number by 4x compared to the market. On this week’s podcast, my colleague, Eric Estrella and I will discuss strategic alignment. We’ll discuss not only how to hit your number, but how to hit it consistently.


Organizations that are out of alignment experience pain, and long-term consequences. Essentially, without strategic alignment, you lessen your changes of hitting your revenue growth objective. To understand how the lack of alignment affects your organization, listen as Eric and I discuss:


  • The 3 key benefits to having aligned functional strategies.
  • How an aligned sales strategy will achieve lower customer acquisition cost, and increased lifetime value.
  • How to actually calculate both customer acquisition cost, and lifetime value.
  • Why lower customer acquisition cost and higher lifetime value translates to shareholder value and wealth.


All evidence points to the fact that companies can no longer afford to launch individual initiatives. The only way to systematize revenue growth is through strategic alignment. But unfortunately 91% of strategies are misaligned. Listen here as we discuss the importance of aligning your functional strategies and how to calculate the value. It’s too important to ignore.