SBI Executive Consultant, Laura Hall, joins us to discuss the importance of continuing community investments beyond the stay-at-home orders.

At the beginning of stay-at-home orders, maintaining a connection with the customer base was a top priority for CMOs. Marketing teams worked quickly to stand up virtual communities and help customers in an authentic way.


Now, as executives look to the future and aftermath of the pandemic, continuing to invest time and resources into their communities remains an integral part of making their number — not doing so could create a costly disconnect and breed mistrust.


On today’s show, SBI community expert and Executive Consultant Laura Hall shares how to continue strong community engagement and why this continuity is important.


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How Marketing Can Continue the Community Momentum


  1. The lasting impact of virtual communities. minute 2:11
  2. Engaging with others concentrating on customer success. minute 3:54
  3. Adding value to existing communities. minute 6:06


Skip minute 9:44 to hear Laura’s thoughts on the future of community engagement:


“We’ll see more of these Round Table type discussions being taken virtually, which is great because then you no longer have the geography boundaries. So, I think that there’s no reason why a virtual community can’t continue to add value and won’t continue to add value going forward. It’s just more fiscally and honestly environmentally responsible…”



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