One of the main tasks given to marketing is content design. Creating compelling content that moves prospects to action is critical to your marketing strategy. Yet, this is easy to say and hard to do. I recently moderated a discussion with Mike Drapeau, Partner, and Kevin Avery, Senior Consultant at SBI. We addressed this topic in detail here. And answered the question marketing leaders are constantly asking themselves. How can you continually feed the content beast?


During the show, we will solve some of the key issues marketers suffer from such as:


  • How to create content that your audience will notice.
  • How do ensure sales effectively uses the content created by marketing.
  • Why field marketing can and should influence your content creation efforts.


Content production is a key piece to a successful marketing strategy. As a marketing leader, you need a content production and execution plan. And your content strategy must align with the needs of both marketing and sales. It should be a point of agreement and collaboration between the two. Ultimately, you have to set your internal customer, the sales team, up for success. If you want to hear how, start by listening here.  Mike and Kevin will debate some of today’s best content strategies.