If you don’t, lead generation efforts will hit road blocks.  Live leads will break away as you reel them in. Your credibility with the sales leader will quickly dwindle.

If you’re thinking that optimizing your website for mobile is enough, don’t stop there.  Best in class marketers evolved beyond mobile optimized websites.


mobile optimizationMobile adoption as a marketing tool became readily apparent as we watched the latest Super Bowl commercials.  There are valuable B2B marketing lessons to take away from the B2C Super Bowl of marketing.  The Super Bowl is the most watched television day of the year. Last Sunday’s Super Bowl (47) had over 108 million viewers. The latest Nielson shows 41 percent of tablet owners and 38 percent of smart phone owners use their device when watching TV. While the large flat screen served as the primary Super Bowl viewing device, many had mobile devices in use as well.  With that said, the smart advertisers were mobile ready. 


So who came out on top? Which advertisers used call to actions in their commercials for viewers to go online right then? The top 3 that stood out were Oreo, GoDaddy and Coca-Cola.  All 3 ended with a call to action (not just the domain or a hashtag listed at the end).


The following examples point to best practices in leveraging mobile interaction.  Adopt these approaches to enrich your B2B efforts.


Example 1: Oreo Whisper Fight

Oreo’s call to action: “Choose your side on Instagram @Oreo”

Instagram users were immediately motivated to visit Oreo’s Instagram page to declare themselves.  Or those who went to Oreo’s website on their mobile, couldn’t miss the Cookie or Creme call to action. This simple call to action gave Oreo more than 30 seconds of engagement.  What did we learn? You should optimize every offline channel to continue your buyers journey online to declare themselves.


Example 2:  GoDaddy’s Perfect Match: When sexy meets smart your small business scores

GoDaddy’s call to action: “Get your domain and website at GoDaddy.com”

If you went to Godaddy.com on your mobile, you got a slick site that looked easy to buy a domain and start a website. The site was blazing fast. The clarity in how to buy a domain was so easy, a 4 year old could do it. Have you optimized your buyers mobile experience to be that easy? Best in class B2b marketers are always working on the next version of their mobile site to make simple, more simple.


Example 3: The Coke Chase

Coke’s call to action: “Vote now to decide who wins cokechase.com”

If you went to cokechase.com, they had a optimized mobile site where you could vote easily. Throughout the night, you could view an easy to follow timeline of the chase with optimized mobile videos of the commercials. Clearly this drove record amounts of people to their website (more than expected) proof by their servers struggle.  Coke’s call to action is a great example of how one can continue offline engagement online with gamification.  Start thinking about what you can gamify in your online strategy.


So who was the winner of the 3 examples above?

My vote goes to Oreo. Why? One day later, their Instagram account is up to 41K followers. These are captured fans that are engaging and creating Oreo photos. Oreo didn’t stop there.

dunk in the dark blackout no power no problemThey evolved and reacted instantly during the game events such as during the famous blackout. When the lights went out, they responded on Twitter and Facebook with the caption “Power Out? No Problem.” The photo, as showcased, reads “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark”.


  • On Facebook the image has received over 21,000 likes, over 800 comments, and nearly 7,000 shares in 24 hours.
  • On Twitter, it has already been retweeted over 15,000 times and praised from everybody for its clever execution.


This is just one example of monitoring and being proactive with mobile trends. I monitor them daily.  In fact, I have A 20 mobile optimization best practices guide.  You can download them here.  Use these optimizations to improve your mobile responsive site and demand generation strategy. Optimizing your site once isn’t enough to generate leads.  Some of the best mobile sites I know constantly work to improve the mobile experience. They are now on version 7 or higher.  This will only continue to grow and evolve with technology. You might want to start thinking about how to optimize to Google glasses (Project Glass).